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Fred Eshelman, PharmD

Eshelman Ventures LLC




Angela Kashuba, BSc.Phm., PharmD DABCP FCP

Dean of the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill




Christopher Clemens, PhD

Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill




Renard Charity, Jr., MBA

Managing Partner
Fletcher Spaght




Eugene Flood, PhD

Managing Partner
Next Sector Capital





Michael S. Maddux, PharmD, DHL (hon)

Executive Director
American College of Clinical Pharmacy




Tom Skalak, PhD

Senior Advisor
Joe and Clara Tsai Foundation




Jon Soderstrom, PhD

Managing Director of the Office of Cooperative Research, Retired
Yale University




H. Stewart Parker, MBA

Parker BioConsulting




Matt Tremblay, PhD

Chief Operating Officer
The Scripps Research Institute