Our Vision: To inspire a culture of innovation where bold ideas and creative solutions accelerate change in education, research and health care.

Our Mission: To develop and inspire innovators, to cultivate big ideas in education, research and health care, and to accelerate the translation of innovative solutions into society.

Our Focus: We aim to accomplish our vision and mission by:

  • Fostering a culture of innovation that encourages new ideas, risk taking, and cross-disciplinary collaboration; stimulating creativity; learning from failure; and rewarding those who drive innovation forward.
  • Educating and training the next generation of innovators in the creation, implementation, and translation of big ideas into innovative solutions that positively impact society.
  • Investing in high risk, big ideas and innovative work in the areas of education, the pharmaceutical sciences, health-care policy and practice, business practices, and new global initiatives.
  • Creating new approaches to the ways in which UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy faculty, staff, and students work that challenge the status quo, resulting in our ability to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently, and requiring that we remain agile in our continued pursuit of excellence.
  • Accelerating the dissemination and translation of scientific discoveries and innovative solutions into new products, services, and technologies that positively impact society.
  • Accelerating commercialization of novel intellectual property to drive economic development and bring greater value to society.
  • Translating innovation into entrepreneurial ventures to drive economic development and positively impact society.