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Daryl Cromer is currently Vice President and PCSD CTO.

Mr. Cromer is focused on how AI, Computer Vision, 5G, Sensors, and edge devices can solve customer pain points creating Smarter PCs and Devices.  In this role, Mr. Cromer’s top priority is to stimulate the innovation of emerging devices by identifying and nurturing new and future areas for investment and growth.  He works closely with the business leaders to invest in the future, drive business development, and accelerate technology transfer to bring new innovations quickly into the marketplace as a quality product.  Mr. Cromer is a prolific inventor; he holds over 400 issued US patents and was named Inventor of the Year several times at Lenovo and IBM

As PCSD’s Chief Product Security Officer, Mr. Cromer is responsible for PCSD’s security reviews and governance.  This includes establishing standards, policies, and best practices, as well as ensuring compliance.