Lead Inventor


Methods and Compositions Comprising Novel Cationic Lipids Leaf Huang Qualiber, Inc.
Dry Powder Aerosol Generator Anthony Hickey None
Tylophorine Analogs as Antitumor Agents Kuo-Hsiung Lee None
Coated Filament for Evaporation/Condensation Aerosol Generation of Therapeutic Agents and Methods for Using Same Anthony Hickey None
Methods of Acoustic Measurement and Control of Pharmaceutical Sprays Anthony Hickey None
Neo-tanshinlactone and Analogs as Potent and Selective Anti-Breast Cancer Agents Kuo-Hsiung Lee None
Purified and Isolated Heparan Sulfate 3-O-Sulfotransferase Isoform 5 Nucleic Acids and Polypeptides and Therapeutic and Screening Methods Using Same Jian Liu None
Novel Curcumin Analogues and Uses Thereof Kuo-Hsiung Lee AndroScience Corporation
Compositions and Methods for Enhancing Paracellular Permeability across Epithelial and Endothelial Barriers Dhiren Thakker None
Compositions and Methods for Double-Targeting Virus Infections and Targeting Cancer Cells Khalid Ishaq Kucera Pharmaceutical Company
Method of Screening Candidate Compounds for Susceptibility to Biliary Excretion Edward LeCluyse Qualyst Transporter Solutions, LLC
Betulinic Acid and Dihydrobetulinic Acid Derivatives and Uses Therefor Kuo-Hsiung Lee None
Method of Treating Hepatitis Virus Infections Susan Morris-Natschke None
Method of Screening a Metabolite of a Parent Candidate Compound for Susceptibility to Biliary Excretion Kim Brouwer None
Aza-Bridged Bicyclic Amine Derivatives for Use as Novel Cholinergic Receptor Ligands Harold Kohn None
Dry Powder Inhaler Devices, Multi-dose Dry Powder Drug Packages, Control Systems, and Associated Methods Anthony Hickey Oriel Therapeutics (acquired by Sandoz)
Betulin Acid and Dihydrobetulin Acid Derivatives, Preparation Thereof and Use Thereof Kuo-Hsiung Lee None
Acylated Betulin and Dihydrobetulin Derivatives, Preparation Thereof and Use Thereof Kuo-Hsiung Lee None
Naptho- and Dihydrobenzo-thiophene Derivatives as Cytotoxic Antitumor Agents Kuo-Hsiung Lee None