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The Eshelman Institute for Innovation is pleased to announce the recipients of their 2021 grant cycle! A total of $2.1 million has been granted to the below seven projects.

Since 2015, the Eshelman Institute has brought value to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill by supporting impactful work in the health sciences. In this time, the Institute has awarded more than $28 million in funding to 148 projects, assisted with 28 patent applications, 26 licensed technologies, and helped spin out 13 startup companies. (View the Institute’s 2020 Impact Report.)

This year, the Institute is thrilled to announce they are expanding their scope and will now accept grant submissions from all faculty and staff at UNC-Chapel Hill. Through this, they aim to increase the diversity of translational projects in therapeutics and digital health and to stimulate cross-unit collaboration to deliver even more value for the University.

The Eshelman Institute seeks to fund translational research related to therapeutics and digital health technologies focused on oncology, infectious disease, and neuroscience (including rare diseases) that have commercial potential. However, the Institute welcomes ideas for devices and diagnostics, and other therapeutic areas and services.

The Institute’s upcoming faculty and staff award cycle will open on November 29, 2021. To learn more about their grant process, please visit the Institute’s website or email

2021 Eshelman Institute for Innovation Funded Projects: 

Innovative Technology for Selecting Nucleic-Acid Encoded Libraries (NELs) Against Membrane Proteins

Albert Bowers, Division of Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry Bryan Roth, UNC School of Medicine – Department of Pharmacology


Automated Capture and Assessment of Aseptic Technique

Stephen Eckel, Practice Advancement and Clinical Education Rob Hubal, Practice Advancement and Clinical Education


Photothrombolytics: Illuminating a Safe and Efficacious Thrombolytic Therapy

David Lawrence, Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry


Engineering a Pro-LEAP2 Therapeutic for the Treatment of Obesity

Rihe Liu, Division of Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry Alex Abuin, Eshelman Institute for Innovation


Development of a Portable Gait Biofeedback System for Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Conditions

Brian Pietrosimone, UNC College of Arts and Sciences – Department of Exercise and Sports Science Jason Franz, UNC Biomedical Engineering


Novel TYRO3 Degraders for Treatment of Cancer

Xiaodong Wang, Center for Integrative Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery Douglas Graham, Emory University


Targeting LRRK2 for Novel therapeutics for Parkinson’s Disease

Qisheng Zhang, Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry Yulan Xiong, University of Connecticut


To learn more information about the newly selected projects, please visit the Institute’s website.

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