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Eugene Flood is a highly accomplished executive-level business leader and expert in investment management, global macroeconomics and how finance informs business strategy. He consults regularly with leaders of large financial and private equity firms who are actively seeking new sources of strategic thought and creative ways to build better business models in a post-new normal environment. An Ivy League trained economist, Flood advises on issues such as globalization and business expansion with investment company executives, institutional investment limited partners, as well as executives running investment funds’ portfolio companies.

Flood currently serves as the managing partner of Next Sector Capital, which applies traditional investment disciplines and innovative growth solutions to generate superior financial returns that are then used to address important global challenges. Prior to his current position, Flood served as the managing partner of A Cappella Partners (2013-2017), a family office that centers business, for-profit and not-for-profit board activity, community service and philanthropic efforts.

Flood is a member of the Janus Capital Group board of directors (January 2014 to present). He serves as chairman of the Advisory Board (2013 to present) for the University of North Carolina Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases (IGHID), a world-renowned center focused on stopping the transmission of AIDS and infectious diseases as well as other health issues.  He also serves on the board of directors of Research Corporation for Science Advancement (March 2015 to present), a foundation that provides grants for outstanding early-career researchers in the basic sciences.

Flood previously served as an executive vice president and member of the executive management team at TIAA-CREF (2011 to 2012) where he also was a member of the Fortune 100 firm’s board of trustees (2004 to 2011.) Prior to joining TIAA-CREF, Flood was president and CEO of Smith Breeden Associates, a Durham, N.C.-based asset management firm (2000 to 2012.) He also formerly worked at Morgan Stanley, New York, where Flood’s thinking and work contributed to some of the first quantitative finance systems used on Wall Street (1987-1999.) Flood has managed large businesses and overseen investment strategies during two of the largest crisis periods in recent history: The stock market crash in 1987 and financial crisis in 2007-2008.

Flood holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He taught earlier in his career at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business where he also served as a faculty member (1982-1987.) Flood earned a bachelor of art’s degree in economics at Harvard University.

Flood is an active public speaker and has appeared regularly on CNBC and CNN to provide expert guest commentary on economic issues. He also has contributed commentary to the Wall Street Journal and Fortune.