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The Eshelman Institute is working across campus to improve patient care by commercializing UNC’s digital health research through novel new translation, and startup creation approaches. In partnership with the University of North Carolina, UNC Health, and High Alpha Innovation, the Eshelman Institute spearheaded the creation of First In Venture Studio.

Our Studio was formed to create, fund, and build software forward, advantaged startups in digital health, based out of UNC-Chapel Hill. We build solutions through software-driven business models that fall into one of these digital health technologies:

  • Enterprise Systems & Support – software platforms for healthcare systems, clinics, and other enterprise settings
  • Clinician Services & Support – software platforms primarily for clinicians and clinical support staff
  • Patient-Facing Wellness & Support – software products that capture, store, or transmit health data
  • Patient-Facing Diagnostic & Monitoring – software products used to diagnose, guide diagnosis or actively monitor patients
  • Patient-Facing Therapeutic Interventions – software and/or hardware products that deliver medical interventions and therapies

The Eshelman Institute has formed strategic partnerships with best-in-class partners to create meaningful impact, such as top venture studio, High Alpha Innovation, one of the top health systems in the nation, UNC Health, and the leading cloud provider, Amazon AWS. Together with these partners we have built a unique model.

Our goal is to improve the health and wellness of individuals, enhance patient & provider experience of healthcare, and improve access to healthcare. We hope to do this by creating 120 venture concepts and fund 24 research translations out of which we will launch 10+ advantaged startups in digital health in the next three years.