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First In Venture Studio and the HBCU Founders Initiative have partnered to identify and support the unlimited potential of untapped innovators, connecting top talent with investment and advisory support to launch their best ideas.


Our Mission and Values:

Health outcomes are filled with racial disparities that are only getting worse. There is a well-documented, persistent, and growing racial health gap between minority families and majority families in the United States.In addition, there is a business imperative to enable diverse innovators in the health equity space. Diverse teams are outperforming the market, yet many lack the funding necessary to implement their solutions.

We believe that underrepresented communities have the solutions to solve their health equity challenges in unique scalable ways but lack the needed infrastructure and capital.

PowerUp aims to catalyze social and economic impact by empowering diverse innovators who are focused on improving health outcomes for their communities. Partnering with HBCUs and healthcare systems that serve underrepresented populations, we plan to bring a best-in-class venture studio model to bring better health inequity solutions to underserved communities that can scale and benefit us all.