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Faculty and Staff

The Eshelman Institute for Innovation aspires to be a preeminent driver of cutting-edge technologies that solve the most pressing healthcare challenges. The Eshelman Institute encourages UNC-CH faculty and staff to submit proposals for innovative projects that create or further develop intellectual property or provide commercial opportunities that could support the sustainability of the Eshelman Institute.

All UNC-CH faculty and staff are eligible to apply for Eshelman Institute funding. We encourage proposals that include a broad spectrum of scientific engagement through meaningful collaborations across a variety of diverse disciplines, departments, schools, and institutions. We encourage UNC-CH faculty and staff to consider working with collaborators that provide broad scientific or commercial engagement to your idea.

The Eshelman Institute seeks to fund translational research related to therapeutics focused on oncology, infectious disease, and neuroscience (including rare diseases) and digital health technologies. However, the Institute welcomes ideas for devices and diagnostics, and other therapeutic areas and services.

The Eshelman Institute offers grants within four categories:

  • Therapeutic – A project whose ultimate goal is to develop a drug
  • Digital Health – A project utilizing digital, health IT, and/or software technologies that solve key health problems that improve outcomes, healthcare efficiency, and/or patient experience
  • Technology Platform – A project developing novel tool(s) with the potential to accelerate drug discovery/development)
  • Other (e.g., devices, diagnostics, delivery)

Our proposal for the 2022 grant cycle is closed, however, the Eshelman Institute recognizes that bold, impactful, and disruptive ideas can arise at any time, thus, we encourage faculty and staff to submit these through our opportunistic proposal cycle.

Please view our grant guidelines for more information or visit our How to Apply page to learn more about the Institute’s Faculty and Staff Awards.

Graduate Students and Postdocs

Please note that the Eshelman Institute no longer offers graduate student and postdoc awards. If a student or postdoc has an innovative idea that meets our strategic focus and has commercial potential, please contact the Institute. There may be opportunities for you to apply for opportunistic grant funding.