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Faculty and Staff

All applicants are required to submit a pre-proposal as the first step in the application process. Select applicants will be invited to submit full proposals that will be reviewed by the Eshelman Institute with the assistance of an external advisory panel. Select full proposals will be reviewed by our Steering Board and evaluated on Pitch Day. Proposals that are selected through our award process will receive funding starting July 1.

Our 2021-2022 annual award cycle opens on November 29, 2021! Check back in November for a link to our pre-proposal form.

Before submitting a funding request, please review our grant guidelines that outline our criteria and application process in more detail.

The Eshelman Institute recognizes that bold, impactful, and disruptive ideas can arise at any time, thus, we encourage faculty and staff to submit these through our opportunistic proposal cycle.

Graduate Students and Postdocs

Please note that the Eshelman Institute no longer offers graduate student and postdoc awards. If a student or postdoc has an innovative idea that meets our strategic focus and has commercial potential, please contact the Institute. There may be opportunities for you to apply for opportunistic grant funding.