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Tools for Preparing and Submitting Your Proposal

Please use the following downloadable resources to prepare your project proposal, funding application and progress reports:

  Sample Budget and Justification [PDF]

  Resources for Innovators [PDF]

Forms for Modifying an EII Award

Please use the following resources to request a change to a funded project:

Request for Rebudgeting EII Funds

A rebudgeting form must be submitted if a single budget category fluctuates by more than 25% percent from the original approved budget. The EII will review submissions and decide on approval.


Request for a No-Cost Extension

A no-cost extension (NCE) form should be submitted if no additional funds are required for the project’s completion. As of August 2020, projects are allowed a maximum of one NCE request for a period up to 6 months. Any additional NCE requests will require PIs to show significant proof of success and a timeline of work to be completed in the additional timeframe. PIs may be asked to meet with EII leadership prior to approving any request. The EII reserves the right to deny any NCE requests.


Request for Project Scope Change

A request for a project scope change should be submitted if you are proposing to change the original scope of your project. All requests will be reviewed by EII leadership.


Request to Repurpose Funds Due to Innovator Leaving UNC

A repurpose of funds due to innovator leaving UNC form should be submitted at least 30 days prior to a lead-PI and/or a co-PI leaving UNC. Innovators who are proposing to continue the work should be clearly stated in the form. If an external collaborator is leaving their institution, please contact the EII directly.